How to manage a faster access to Yahoo Mail with new version?

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It is a fact that the inbox of your mail highlights the quality of your contacts and reaches in your own concrete world. So, every user needs to have a clutter-free and organized. So, Yahoo mail modifies itself at regular interval and even rearranges its interface to be more users friendly and even increase the mailbox experience. The inbox is the highlight of your professional as well as your personal life. From the first appointment letter to old images shared, every small to big memories are safely stored in the inbox of your mail. Yahoo mail brings ease in managing your documents properly by introducing better version.

The all new version released by Yahoo for the desktop handling, it has been refreshed by a new design layout, interactive and faster working experience. Now it is very easy to trace the latest purchase to get down to the lanes of the old pictures. Some of new added features that is turning out to be a new attraction of Yahoo mail are:

  • New Themes: you can now add more colours to your personal mail by selecting your favorite colour and pattern as theme. You are even provided with better abstract images that you can apply to your mail. As per your mood, you can bring changes in the layout.
  • Clutter Free: now it has become very easy to maintain the necessary items in the inbox and this is all because of the extra gaps provided in the tabs.
  • New emojis: now you can get all new palettes of emojis from the open source of Twitter giving you a chance for decorating the mail with add-on effects.
  • Ease in viewing documents and photo: a new option of “photo and document View” will enable the users in viewing all the documents that was sent and received in a particular place. Even a preview section added on the side of the frame helps the users in viewing any specific mails along with the attachments.
  • Responsive layout: the user can better feel the difference at every step they head towards in the Yahoo mail account from logging in to logging out. The responsive as well as the faster interface runs properly and with ease even when the network connection is not so strong. The fast responsive design helps the user in viewing the necessary items of the mail in proper place.
  • Better search option: if the user is in search of any particular email, then they can easily view in the exact place using the “viewing email” settings. The messages will be shown in conversation mode not in flat mode using the option of “conversation mode”.
  • User friendly settings: the setting are much user friendly and it even helps in customizing the inbox of mail with just few clicks.

There are more add on features, that brings ease in your working experience. For more information related to yahoo mail you can make connection to techies through the toll free numbers. Yahoo Mail Tech Support Phone Number USA or Yahoo Mail Customer Support Phone Number 1-877-885-4824 will help you reaching the technicians and resolve your issues.

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How to Resolve Issues Related to Gmail @1877 885 4824

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administrations for fantastic and convenient arrangement.

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How to raise the level of security in the Hotmail account

How to raise the level of security in the Hotmail account:

For accessing a confined and protected email account, the user needs to follow certain concrete actions. Hotmail is a firm that is famous for providing quality service in an email that provides a better chance for exchanging emails worldwide. With a certainly restricted objective for using the access of administration, every user working on this platform must consent to the records, this particular way of establishing the connection with fusing different methods associated to certain data on the fundamental ground. There exist many things that give add on layers of security for protecting the on record maintained data display. With specific goal of understanding deceive, on must get connected to the technical team using the Hotmail Tech support number. But before establishing the connection to the tech team, you can work on with this below-described process:

How to raise the level of security in the Hotmail account copy

Protecting Password:

You should change the password of the mail frequently with the focus that no any programming hackers take away the information from your personalized Hotmail email account. You need work on shifting the data that has been recorded before when you are working on the process of password changing. You even need to look for the “sign-in and security” option following the clicking over the alternative “change your password”.

Two variable Authentication setup:

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When one talks about Hotmail, then this platform benefits the user with a “second sign-in check”. The user can set this second of by reaching the particular sign in area and the security zone in the area of record data. Create a backing message just for sending the specific 2SV code. That’s why one is asked for entering the authorized phone number and then after one will get the notification of code. It is even the most straightforward strategy for assurance but confirms to provide tight packed complete security.

Checking the settings:

In this particular step, you need to get to reach the point “sign-in and safety” option and then you need to tap over the option of “see your most recent sign-in movement.”

Password Usage:

Always try to keep the single type of password for the entire website you are using as it reduced the chance of losing the password after being confused. While creating a password, always keep in mind to create a password comprising alphabets, numbers, and signs as it creates difficulty for hackers to get to know.

So add securities to your Hotmail by following the steps described above. For more proper guidance get effectively connected to the technical department by dialing the provided Hotmail Customer Care Toll-Free Number 1-877-885-4824 or Hotmail Tech Support Number USA.

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How to temporarily deactivate the Gmail account

Gmail gives you a very easy option to deactivate your account for any reason if you want to for some time. Gmail support will straightaway deactivate the account, but it can take two or more months for all the messages, mails and the records associated to your personalized account to miss out from the server of Google. The email settings need to be edited  in order to deactivate your Gmail account.

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  • Open the Web browser that you use and are comfortable with, and then sign in to Gmail account you wish to deactivate temporarily.
  • Click on the “Gear” icon which is towards the top right of your Gmail homepage.
  • Click on “Mail Settings” and then click on the “Accounts and Import” button present in the top row of the options.
  • Look for the “Change Account Settings” section.
  • After that click on “Other Google Account Settings” option.
  • Thereafter find the “My Products” option, and then click on “Edit” option.
  • An finally click “Remove Gmail Account.”
  • This deactivates your Gmail account for some time.


If the above mentioned steps do not work then you need to contact the team of customer support.

You can contact the online certified experts on their toll-free helpline number. As you get to reach them, they will help you in deleting or deactivating your personalized Gmail account. They offer round the clock Gmail tech support online using remote access system. They even offer these customer services for the Google Mail on a telephonic call as well.

So there are the following ways to contact them in need-

  • Via email
  • Via hotline number ( toll free or otherwise)
  • Via online forums

How to make configuration of Yahoo Mail with the Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook always allows you for configuring your personalized email account and further access the important mails offline. We will be helping you in making configuration between your account of Yahoo! Mail with the email client of Outlook 2013 via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol.).

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Before starting with the configuration process, you first need to make some changes in the account of Yahoo mail.

  • Using the web browser, sign in to your account of Yahoo mail.
  • Opt the gear icon at the upper-right section and tap on the ‘Account Info’ menu. You can even access the page of ‘Account Info’ by moving the cursor of mouse on your user name just before gear icon.
  • Opt the menu ‘Account Security’ positioned at the left side option.
  • Scroll down for finding ‘Allow apps that use less secure sign-in’ and then turn it ON by taking the slider to right.

Due to the security purpose, yahoo blocks the access on few of the non-Yahoo apps and the programs. This is the main reason why the users of Yahoo face difficulty in making configuration of the accounts. Sign in allowance resolve the issue. Take your step ahead for setting the Outlook configuration.

  • Open the Outlook and move to the ‘File’ menu. Opt ‘Info’ and then ‘Add account.’
  • Now tap on the ‘Manual setup or additional server types’ and then ‘Next.’
  • Choose from the IMAP and then hit ‘Next.’
  • Complete form by entering the correct information. Take any reference from guide below.
Your Name Type in your first and last name.
Email Address username@yahoo.com
Account Type IMAP
Incoming mail server imap.mail.yahoo.com
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) smtp.mail.yahoo.com
User Name username@yahoo.com
Password Yahoo password. Create an app password in case Two-step verification is enabled.
  • Select the box from the in front “require logon using secure password authentication (SPA)”
  • Tap On “more settings” option
  • ​Click on ‘Outgoing Server’ tab and then check ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ menu.
  • Now hit on ‘Advanced’ tab and then complete following information.
  • Opt ‘Next’ and then wait for while the establishment of communication. You will get to see ‘Close’ menu when task is done successfully. Tap on it and then start using the personalized Yahoo! Mail through the Outlook 2013.
  • Double-check settings if error occurs.

In case of any complexity directly reach out to the Yahoo customer support Team. For reaching out to them simply dial Yahoo Mail technical Support number 1-877-885-4824 or Yahoo Tech Support Phone number 1-877-885-4824.

Solving Issues Related Loading and Display in Gmail:

In this technology oriented world, everyone is in search of perfect tool which can help you in saving your time and effort and helps in leading a smarter life. So, comparing the life along with mailing system, here even you will come across Gmail. It is a free webmail service that helps in easing your mailing experience by providing you with numerous services and features. It is the way that makes your communication easy in effective way with numerous extended innovations. Using Gmail, you can Chat, mail or video call with the person sitting far distance.


But as it is technical process, you will come across technical issues many times while working with it. It is possible that users sometime will face minor issues or can sometime face major issues. But, there also exists issues related to display of the Gmail. Sometime it happens that user faces mail display issue or is issue regarding the loading of mail in Gmail. Due to lack of skills related to technical issues, it becomes a major issue.

Here are simple and easy processes that will help in tackling the issue of mail display in easiest possible ways:

  • First, check the browser you are working over. If talking about Gmail, so it better run over following browser like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • If you have trouble in loading, clear the cookies and cache of the browser being used. Proper cleanup of cookies and cache is needed from the Gmail used over computer system, iOS or android.
  • If the issue reoccurs, then check your Gmail labs for which you instantly need to open your Gmail account. Then you will find a setting icon on above of the page and click over it. After clicking over it you will find the option of labs and then strike over it. Select over the disable option and save the changes.

If you are facing the issues related to Gmail display, follow the steps below:

  • For fixing the image display issue you can make small and simple changes in the code of HTML.
  • If any image is missing, you need to check the image


Loading process starts automatically.

  • Check out the Tool>page info>media for the blocked images.


To end up the process you are well guided with easy steps but even after the easy guidelines you are facing issues then contact our experts for technical support. Our technical support team is available 24/7 for your help. You can contact them over Gmail Technical support Number USA or Gmail Customer Services Toll Free Number.