How to manage a faster access to Yahoo Mail with new version?

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It is a fact that the inbox of your mail highlights the quality of your contacts and reaches in your own concrete world. So, every user needs to have a clutter-free and organized. So, Yahoo mail modifies itself at regular interval and even rearranges its interface to be more users friendly and even increase the mailbox experience. The inbox is the highlight of your professional as well as your personal life. From the first appointment letter to old images shared, every small to big memories are safely stored in the inbox of your mail. Yahoo mail brings ease in managing your documents properly by introducing better version.

The all new version released by Yahoo for the desktop handling, it has been refreshed by a new design layout, interactive and faster working experience. Now it is very easy to trace the latest purchase to get down to the lanes of the old pictures. Some of new added features that is turning out to be a new attraction of Yahoo mail are:

  • New Themes: you can now add more colours to your personal mail by selecting your favorite colour and pattern as theme. You are even provided with better abstract images that you can apply to your mail. As per your mood, you can bring changes in the layout.
  • Clutter Free: now it has become very easy to maintain the necessary items in the inbox and this is all because of the extra gaps provided in the tabs.
  • New emojis: now you can get all new palettes of emojis from the open source of Twitter giving you a chance for decorating the mail with add-on effects.
  • Ease in viewing documents and photo: a new option of “photo and document View” will enable the users in viewing all the documents that was sent and received in a particular place. Even a preview section added on the side of the frame helps the users in viewing any specific mails along with the attachments.
  • Responsive layout: the user can better feel the difference at every step they head towards in the Yahoo mail account from logging in to logging out. The responsive as well as the faster interface runs properly and with ease even when the network connection is not so strong. The fast responsive design helps the user in viewing the necessary items of the mail in proper place.
  • Better search option: if the user is in search of any particular email, then they can easily view in the exact place using the “viewing email” settings. The messages will be shown in conversation mode not in flat mode using the option of “conversation mode”.
  • User friendly settings: the setting are much user friendly and it even helps in customizing the inbox of mail with just few clicks.

There are more add on features, that brings ease in your working experience. For more information related to yahoo mail you can make connection to techies through the toll free numbers. Yahoo Mail Tech Support Phone Number USA or Yahoo Mail Customer Support Phone Number 1-877-885-4824 will help you reaching the technicians and resolve your issues.

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